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SVP | Surgical Video Production

We help medical training on 360°

svp servizi Videochirurgia


The knowledge of the human anatomy and of the surgical techniques by the Multimedia Medical team guarantees a continuity of the images and the educational value of the surgery.

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svp servizi Formazione


We offer new training and updating methods through multimedia products and services that are designed and develped to facilitate the training process of every professional in the healthcare system.

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svp servizi livesurgery

Live Surgery

With advanced broadcast systems the surgical images can be taken anywhere in the world while maintaining the same quality they had in the operating rooms.

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svp servizi cadaverlab

Cadaver Lab

The benefit of training in a Cadaver Lab is guaranteed by the wide experience on site of the Multimedia Medical operators and the technique perfection of the most prestigious Italian and international Surgery Schools and made possible by body donation.

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svp servizi Teleconsulto


BesideYou is the direct line between doctor and patient, it is a tele-consultation system and health assistance available anywhere 24/7.

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svp servizi web tv

Web TV

Healthcare information available with a click at home.

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svp servizi web 3d

Web 3D

SVP combines many years of experience and observation in the medical and surgical field with digital modeling: it is possible to use 3D modeling and graphic presentation, along with all the other services provided, to achieve innovative results.

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svp servizi realtà virtuale

Virtual Reality

are among the most interesting digital technologies in recent years. Surgery is one of the most stimulating fields where VR and AR can be applied.

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svp servizi Multimedia

Congress & Events

The most advanced technologies and technical skills to ensure the best results.

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