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health assistence channel

Health Assistant Channel

A web Tv designed by SVP, made and developed for local healthcare facilities, nursing homes, clinics and private healthcare facilities to support the management of the patients at home and to simplify their rehabilitation.

Health Assistant Channel

digital media record

Digital Media Record

Digital media record is a multimedia collection of images, pictures and videos about medical cases, medical images, pre and postoperative studies.
Every Doctor can add the iconographic records of each patient, archive by organ, pathology and type of surgery and use them any time for scientific and educational purposes.



it’s a virtual “medical record” that supports the patients throughout their therapy from their first appointment with a general practitioner to the discharge. “Phirmo“ online can be accessed and filled out by every doctor that will treat the patient. The patient will have to sign, inside “Phirmo”, the informed consent for every visit or surgery he or she will undergo.

Surgery Online

Surgery Online

Video platform designed for the online training of healthcare professionals, surgeons and nurses.
It is possible to make any event “Live” and “On Demand” in streaming with Full HD, 3D-HD and Ultra HD resolution. It gives access to training contents anywhere thanks to a network that allows a smooth and fast vision all over the world.