SVP | Surgical Video Production di Giancarlo Pengo


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E-Learning & DL

The platform for e-learning and DL has been developed to be user-friendly and easy to manage, it can be integrated with other media. It is also customisable to any company’s website, allowing continuity to the “user experience”.


SVP has been projecting, developing and perfecting throughout the years a platform with a simple and intuitive structure. It makes it easier for the Teacher to teach and gives the Surgeons in training the possibility to operate “in person and safely” because the remote tutor will guide them every step of the way. This platform is customisable to one’s needs.

Clinic video library

Surgical Video Production offers the service of scientific documentation video and clinic video library for both public and private facilities that need a constant documentation of surgeries and the possibility to share them through a customised web platform.

Webinars and live classes

Training classes, Presentation, Lectures and Meetings have no more boundaries. Teaching and learning have never been so easy and, above all, so effective thanks to SVP Webinar Platform. Teachers can interact with other teachers and also with students and any multimedia content is shareable.